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One of the most popular requests is for Martin to mix and mingle with guests performing his close up magic. This involves him walking around performing to small groups of people offering a great ice breaker for guests who have not met before as it gives them something to talk about. It is best suited for reception drinks or informal events where people aren’t sat around a table.

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Table hopping

Magic is a great addition for a formal sit down meal and is the type of event Martin has been doing longest. The age range on the table can be completely varied with a two year old sat next to a ninety year old but regardless, Martin is able to keep everyone on the table (no matter the age!) engaged and entertained. Martin prefers not to perform while people are eating but in most cases meals are brought out in sections which means not every table will be eating at the same time. Table hopping is a great way to keep guests entertained and Martin is able to cover tables between courses, services and speeches.

FILE584   Byways 50th Anniversary and Christmas Party 2012