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Just some of Martin’s clients have included…

Corporate events come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Throughout his career, Martin has become a big hit within the corporate world both in the UK and abroad. Just some of the events Martin has performed at include;

  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions 
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Award Ceremonies
  • University Balls
  • Publicity Launches
  • Annual/Christmas Parties
  • Television Events
  • Wrap Parties

Martin’s charismatic and approachable persona makes him an excellent crowd puller for public events such as trade shows, publicity launches and exhibitions. This has worked well for companies in the past as Martin incorporates the product/business details into the magic to ensure it gets maximum exposure.

Magic is an excellent option for a business party/event as it provides fantastic entertainment without detracting from the event itself. In addition to mix and mingle, Martin offers different show packages depending on the type of event you are holding. The show packages are as follows;

Parlour Shows

Parlour or stage shows are a great addition to any small event where a stage or performance area isn’t available. Be it a small crowd at a house party or a larger crowd in a hall, Martin has designed the show to be performed with minimal space needed but still maximum impact. The show can run from 10-25 minutes and can be catered to suit the style of event you are having. For more information, contact us here.

Stage Shows

Where a stage is available, Martin’s hilarious show uses a lot of audience participation giving everyone watching an intimate and involved experience. The show can run from 30-60 minutes and will help people remember your event for a long time to come. The stage show can also be catered to suit the style of your event so to discuss your requirements further, contact us here.

Product Launch/Trade Shows

Looking for a way to launch your product with a difference? What better than to make your product magically appear in front of your clientelle! Be it a small or big production you are looking to achieve, Martin’s skills and resources can help to not only make your launch special, but also spectacular. As each launch is unique, send us your proposal by completing the instant contact form.

Motivational Talk

Whether its a classroom, school assembly, a corporate day or a major annual event, motivational talks can really help to inspire others to get out and achieve their own ambitions.

Martin’s journey to achieve his World Records  took almost two years to complete and pushed him to the extremes. Through shear hard work, determination and continued inspiration from the children he performed to across the London hospitals, he finally achieved his goal in November 2016. Martin’s 15-20 minute motivational talk discusses the challanges faced when venturing into the unknown, how to change your mindset towards problems and how to maximise marketing and PR opportunities. His comical nature and visual displays help engage an audience throughout the talk and leaves them feeling heartened and inspired. For more information, click here.