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“I love performing to someone who has never seen magic up close before. The child-like look of awe & wonder they have when experiencing magic for the first time is such a beautiful moment to share with them.”



Having benefitted from performing to live audiences from a young age, Martin has really worked and honed his craft to ensure the biggest reactions possible. To date, he has become fully accomplished in the arts of mentalism, suggestion, misdirection, card magic, slight-of-hand and children’s magic.

As a result of this, just some of the things Martin can do include;

·         Making objects appear and vanish from YOUR hand!

·         Making objects move without any contact, even if it’s in YOUR hand!

·         Visually changing one object to another in front of your eyes!

·         Levitate off the floor without the need of any wires, smoke or mirrors!

·         Performing mind blowing magic with your phone – even guessing YOUR passcode!

·         Incredible manipulations & magic with a simple deck of cards!

·         Smashing a glass without any physical contact!

·         Guessing a simply thought of word!

·         Making impossible predictions!

·         Stealing watches!

To see Martin in action, click here